Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Job

My new job is going very well so far. Yesterday I had orientation all day and today was my first day in the office, so I got my desk and my cell phone and tomorrow I should be getting my laptop. Today was pretty boring though. I spent a lot of down time surfing the web and talking with other employees, but once my 6 week training starts in two weeks it will get busier for me and then after my training I will get my own caseload and really start work. Everyone at the office is very nice and very welcoming. I really love my job, even though its quite boring right now.

Steve is doing well with his job as well. He still hasn't found out what his raise will be and when he will start to get it, so hes hoping to hear from his boss about that soon.

Other then that there's not much news


Deb and Spence said...

Always great to have good news with jobs. Won't be long before you're crazy busy with your own case load.

Cassie and Steve said...

I know I am super excited to get my caseload though...haha and when I do I will probably wish I wasn't so busy haha. But I am def. looking forward to getting my training started and finished :-)